Infielder Design was created by a designer who played baseball at the college level. As challenging at it is to create a design that doesn’t already exist, we at Infielder Design strive to be as innovative as possible.


Rostersox creates socks that can compliment or even take the leading role in your fashion co-ordination endeavors,and the style were influenced by the environment in wich the designers grew up. Rostersox is committed to holding first place in the sock market roster.


AVERAGE is an ear muffs brand made with dead stock fabrics and authentic Japanese fabrics.
Made in Japan.


A baseball cap brand that is manufactured by the factory where provide baseball caps for professional baseball players in Japan Featured 19 stitched lines on the brim,leather inner sleeve,well locked inside of the sleeve,eyelets with seals,clean finishing between brim and body,and a blank name tag is inside.This is a real made-in-Japan baseball cap.